What is Search
Engine Marketing?
S.E.M is most effective way to make your presence on various search engine platforms by applying various methods.
  • Best Conversion Rate,
  • Brand Awareness,
  • Immediate result,
  • Permanent Traffic.
  • Keywords , this is the base of search engine marketing.
  • Because if we need anything by interest so we have to put just keyword on various engine.
  • Some results appear by using S..E.M paid advertising.
S.E.M Depends on various factors,

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How Search Engine Marketing Works.

Search Engine Marketing works by using search algorithms to display ads in search engine results pages (SERPs) when users search for keywords related to the advertiser’s products or services. Advertisers bid on specific keywords, and the amount they are willing to pay determines the placement of their ad in the SERP. The advertiser is then charged each time a user clicks on their ad.